Monday, June 20, 2011


...this warm weather with our cute kids

I love how busy my family is in the Summer. We've already been to Santa Cruz and Vegas and Summer has just barely begun. My kids live outside everyday and can't get enough of it.
Our big Summer trip is coming up in 3 days.
Andiamo subito alla bella Italia
Here we go to Beautiful Italy

6 remarks:

Dan and Melissa said...

Wow thanks for posting pictures of my beautiful daughters! Wow they look extra lovely right now! So does Kami and Dylan I'm so excited to watch them while you enjoy Italia!

Gar and Jess Long said...

A. You look beautiful!
B. I wanna be at the beach!
C. Those kiddies are the cutest EVER!
D. I miss you!
E. I am extremely jealous that you are going to ITALY!

Erixgirl said...

Always love looking at pictures of you and your beautiful kiddies!!! Sad we missed out on beach day, but I'm sure there is still a little time left this summer to enjoy the beach together (now that summer has officially arrived).
Have a wonderful time!!!! See you when you get back!

Dan and Melissa said...

Sam I just wanted to tell you that I truly love your kids! They are so wonderful. Dylan is just so smart and tough. I think he's going to be super athletic one day!
Kami is so aware of everything and loves to be loved!
Can't wait to see pics of your trip to Italia.

Christina Mangelson said...

Isn't summer the BEST! I love everything about it: beach, sun, kids out of school, vacations, playtime........EVERYTHING!

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