Monday, August 15, 2011

playing catch up

blogging seems to be low on my "to do list" in the summer, but now that school has started I'm going to have more time to update, so don't give up on me. The Lindseys have been as busy as ever enjoying the summer.

Here are some highlights.
we went to the Lake with our family

The only thing girly about this girl is that she LOVES the color pink.

Kamryn had her first dance recital
Big night for our little star.
The biggest highlight of our summer was Phillip Danz and Associates, changing business hours from Monday through Thursday meaning ERIC has FRIDAYS OFF.
So we get to do super fun things like go to SUNSPLASH
love this picture


Finally... my beautiful girlie started school TODAY.
And I know this is way cheesy but I couldn't be more proud...
Watch out Sheldon Acres :)
I can't wait to post pictures of our INCREDIBLE trip to Italy.

2 remarks:

Dinee said...

oh Sammy, we'd never give up on you, :) we just wait in anticipation for the next awesome post!
Looks like summer has been a whole lot of fun in the sun! wish i was there! :)
p.s. love the pic of eric and dylan with there backs to you to, priceless!

love you!

Dan and Melissa said...

So beautiful! All of you! So beautiful!