Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

As another year comes to a close, we pause to reflect on our experiences and blessings. The Lindsey family had a wonderful year full of new places and firsts. We also would like to wish you and yours a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Dylan Slater is our baby boy and is growing like a weed. He can reach the light switches now and is fixated on pressing them at every opportunity. His vocabulary expands daily and he loves to say and do everything his big sister does. He’s a blue-eyed charmer that has his mother wrapped around his little finger. Passers by love to comment on how cute he is and we’re inclined to agree.

Kamryn turned five this fall and is having a blast at her new Pre-Kindergarten school. When she came home and recited the Pledge of Allegiance, daddy knew it was worth every penny. Kamryn is my carbon copy of Samantha. I always thought Sammy was one of kind, but it seems we’ve made another just like her. Our Kami Cakes is thoughtful and friendly to everyone, but extremely independent and quick. She has no fear of anything or anyone (Large reptiles included), and she has always known just what she wants and how to negotiate to get it.

Samantha continues to do what she does best: she is a mommy, companion, and a fitness machine. She kicks my rear in the gym and has a good time watching me try to keep up. Sam used her skills to guide a visually impaired athlete through one of the relay legs of the California International Marathon.

Sam and I are fortunate enough to have wonderful parents that will watch our kids for us as we jet set around the world. This year, Sammy took me on a tour of South Africa, where I fell in love with her family, the landscapes, and the waves of Jeffrey’s bay. I dragged Sam back across the Atlantic to Italy, where we fell in love all over again in the most romantic place in the world. We loved Florence and Cinque Terre, but especially Capri.

I am in my tenth year as an Ocularist in Sacramento and have opened a new office in Las Vegas. My Staff has changed, but business is the same. While I try to squeeze time for my plethora of hobbies, athletic and artistic endeavors, the best time spent is with my wonderful wife and kids.

We are so grateful for our friends and family and feel so much love for you. We are especially grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the peace it brings to our lives. May the Lord bless you this season and my you find peace and true joy throughout 2012 and beyond.


Eric, Samantha, Kamryn, and Dylan

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Marc and Stacy said...

Beautiful letter! We are so grateful for you guys in our lives! We love each one of you immensely and as we reflect on OUR 2011, the Lindsey's are one of our biggest blessings of the year. Love you.

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tajammal hussain said...

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